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These terms apply to your download access/and or use of any information from ShellysRvPark.com on your computer, website or a mobile device. Future changes in the Terms of Use may require you to agree to those terms or cease usage of ShellysRvPark.com services. You agree that you are a person at least 13 years old and if you are between 13 years and 18 years any uploads, downloads or charges are binding if parental/guardian consent is obtained. You are responsible for the internet connection and all services which maintain and access our services. Account log in information is to be kept secret and Shellys Rv Park, aka Shelly's Rv Park, aka rvparksrockporttx.com, assumes that log ins under your account is with your permission. We will not accept loss due to unauthorized users. We reserve the right to delete your account if no activity occurs within 180 days. You acknowledge that you have no ownership in any account that you create and that account may at any time be suspended, terminated or deleted. You agree that all information presented about yourself is factual. You agree you will not upload, communicate, post any content that could be reasonably viewed as unlawful, harmful, harassing, defamatory, libelous, obscene, or otherwise objectionable. You agree that all intellectual property including drawings, source code, trademarks, logos, icons belongs to Shellus RV Park. You may not copy, duplicate, and/or create any derivative work from the aforementioned intellectual property rights, including distribution or sale of such goods. You agree that any licensed product/goods/services does not represent ownership for you. You may reach customer service at: CustomerService@ShellysRvPark.com
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